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Trailer Wiring and Electrical Repairs

Repairing the wiring on your trailers can be challenging and frustrating. harmontrailersales can remove the burden from your shoulders. We offer expert trailer rewiring services to keep you mobile and your trailer lights operating in peak condition. 

A tharmontrailersales , we understand the need to keep your vehicles reliable on the road. We have the experience and expertise to handle any trailer wiring repair, maintenance or restoration task quickly and efficiently. And with our competitive trailer wiring repair cost, our services will fit your company’s equipment budget. 

Services Offered

As a full-service trailer wiring repair shop, harmontrailersales provides a wide assortment of electrical solutions tailored to meet the needs of trucking operations like yours.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repair work requires extensive knowledge of the various systems and components involved to ensure accuracy and safety. We have the skills and resources to fix malfunctioning brake lights and execute other types of lighting repair jobs. You can also count on us to perform timely electrical maintenance and troubleshooting steps to detect and correct potential issues before they become significant problems that take you off the road. We can even handle extensive electrical restoration projects. 

Lighting Installation

Do you need to install new lighting equipment on your trailers? This project takes time and requires specialized knowledge to ensure the best results. Let the  team help by handling the entire lighting installation process for you. You’ll feel confident that your lights will work properly and meet all applicable safety standards. 


Outdated or malfunctioning trailer wiring can prevent the lighting from operating correctly and pose a safety hazard. We can rewire your trailer to improve performance and keep your drivers safer while they’re on the road. Our technicians will remove the old wiring and fixtures, route the new wiring harness through the frame and install new lights. 

Electrical Upgrades

Sometimes you want additional capabilities or extra lighting for your hauler. Our team can handle every aspect of upgrading your trailer’s electrical system, from sketching the new design to the final installation and testing. We’ll help you extend and enhance your wiring to brighten your lights on the road, upgrade the inside of your trailer or add other electrical elements.

If you want to improve your options for maximum visibility and convenience, our team has you covered.

Our Service Benefits

Partnering withharmontrailersales  for your trailer wiring and electrical repair needs provides an array of benefits:

  • Convenience: With 60-plus locations nationwide, there’s sure to be a shop near you to take care of your trailer wiring and electrical repairs. Whether you’re in California, Maine or somewhere in between, you’ll find a store ready to serve you.
  • One-stop trailer repair shop: We do much more than trailer wiring and installation work. With our full range of fleet services, we can provide all the help you need to keep your vehicles on the road. 
  • Experienced technicians: We hire the best truck and trailer technicians in the business. Our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure your trailers are properly lit whenever you’re on the road. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you find the best solution for keeping your trailers in top condition.